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Final commission payment for services provided. This price includes: Base price for commission $1950 with additional charges where applicable:


Carving of lips nose and mouth ( open mouth and teeth)

Full face-up sealed with MSC

Custom lids

4 new sets of eye chips

coordinating tassle pull charms

Base doll RBL Prima Dolly Aubrina $225

Body swap Obitsu 22 $65

Mohair Reroot $250

Ear removal and replacement with new ears $50


Total $1990

+225 Base Doll

+250 Reroot

+65 for Obitsu body swap

+ $50 ears



Total Due $1990



She will travel securely and safely in one of my own custom boxes via Priority mail or UPS international within 2 business days after payment has been recieved.


2 450,00$Prix
Rupture de stock
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