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Final commission payment for services provided. This price includes: Base price for commission $1850 with additional charges where applicable:


  • Carving of lips nose and mouth ( open mouth and teeth)
  • Full face-up sealed with MSC Lids in a style that I have created in the past
  • 4 sets of Puppelina eye chips $56
  • coordinating tassle pull charms
  • Base doll ( provided by client) back plate damaged during open.
  • Clothing ( +$125) denim jumper, cotton blouse and stockings
  • Body swap $20 for Licca body


Tota $2051


 *Additonal work may require additional time to complete Although this is a commission I will only work in the perimeters of a color scheme, not a theme or specific carving requests (I am unable to replicate a specific carving style). For instance if you want a pink hair doll, I will put together a complimentary color scheme for you to achieve a cohesive look. This is the way I usually work and doing so will ensure that you receive the best of my work. Being an artist, I prefer to have as much creative control as possible which will deliver you a doll that meets my current style and standards. Exact copies my previous dolls is somthing that I can not do out of respect to the owner, however, I can make a doll in a similar style or color scheme. Before I began working on you doll I will contact you to discuss your idea and order materials as needed. Upon completion of the doll the final payment will be due less the deposit. Please feel free to message me with questions, I will reposed as quickly as possible.


2 051,00$Prix
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