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Unique facial carving with slightly open mouth and teeth. Natural looking freckles and skin texture. 

• Custom lids in pastel, and pencil 

• Four sets of hand painted glass eye chips. 

• Full face-up in high quality pastel and highlighted, sealed several times with MSC UV cut. 

• New natural tilt neck Licca body 

• Hand made outfit which includes : cotton dress, stripe stockings,  petticoat, black mohair cat hat and matching cape. All other items pictured not included. 

• Handmade tassel charms to match her clothing.


She will travel securely and safely in one of my own custom boxes. 

Original doll Very Vicky FBL with alpaca re-root on orginal scalp

Lydia is a ooak art doll so she is not factory perfect but unique to herself. I do my best to achieve perfection, but please understand that she is a handmade piece of art. 



Rupture de stock
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